Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kara's Hara and Nicole's Secret to Slim Waist

In this video, Kara's Hara and Nicole shows you how to achieve a slim waist and sexy abs by doing easy-to-follow floor exercises.

Check it out!

111130 KARA Nicole & Hara Midnight TV Entertainment - YouTube:

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Monday, November 28, 2011

[Spotlight] Korean actor and model, Song Jae Rim

Song Jae Rim

2009 Actresses as photo assistant
2010 Gran Prix as In Jae

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop as one of the five Flower Boys (F5). The drama is currently airing on TvN.

Music Videos : (both as leading men)
2NE1 - Go Away
After School - Because of You 

More photos

Song Jae Rim with the rest of the F5 boys for 1stLook

Yoo Ji Tae & Kim Hyo Jin, simplest of wedding invitations |

Yoo Ji Tae & Kim Hyo Jin, simplest of wedding invitations |

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IU 'Last Fantasy' 2nd Album Review

IU 'Last Fantasy' 2nd album - YouTube:

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IU's latest album, Last Fantasy

This review is based on first listen of the songs from IU's latest album, Last Fantasy.

01 Secret – a beautiful ballad that lifts you through wondrous places and will perfectly suit as official soundtrack for films.

02 Sleeping Prince of the Woods – is light and sweet, and gives off a magical, fairy-tale feel.

03 Child Searching for a Star – I have to admit that after my first round of listening to the whole album, I looked at my notes and found nothing written for this song. It’s a beautiful song, however, the melody seems like it’s something you’ve heard from a million ballads, until Kim Kwang Jin starts singing to shake you off from that air we like to call “bore.”

04 You and I – continues the formula that makes IU’s songs a hit – it’s fun and charming while able to showcase her vocal ability.

05 Wallpaper Design – is somewhat mysterious and sorrowful. I wonder what the message of the song is.

06 Uncle – gives off that early Kpop feel reminiscent of SES and FinKL. A dreamy song ruined by the rap part.

07 Wisdom Tooth – a jazzy/ bossa nova-ish song with IU’s voice full of aegyo.

08 Everything’s Alright – to be perfectly honest and blunt I thought listening to it was a waste of time.

09 Last Fantasy – even listening to just the beginning few seconds IU sings in this song, it already makes u smile. There were comments of it reminding them of a Disney song, and indeed, it has that feel of a girl singing of one day reaching for her dreams. During the instrumental one can almost imagine IU, with that dress she has on in the CD covers, bringing along with her her luggage, marching down the road in the journey that will take her to her rightful place in this world.

10 Teacher – this is the first song where I’d use the word catchy. It must be the clapping. It’s a chill, radio-friendly type of song with a promise to be a huge hit should she choose to promote it.

11 A Lost Puppy – beautiful song with strange instrumentals, kinda haunting. Not likely to turn out as everyone’s favourite but it should strike someone’s perhaps eccentric taste. Somehow, I am reminded of Lee Hyori’s Swing.

12 4AM – I have high expectations of this song the fact that I read Corrine Bailey Rae’s name in the cover and apparently she composed it. It’s another beautiful song though I can’t safely say IU was able to match my expectations.

L' amant –  is a captivating ballad where IU’s vocals shine best.

I'd have to say none of the songs strike me as "OMG I have to have this song in my iPod!" Ok, maybe, Teacher. Still, my favorite IU song remains to be her debut song, MIA (Missing Child). But, overall, it's a solid album for IU and I'm rating it 3.5/5.0. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hwang Jung Eum's stunning airport fashion

hHwang Jung Eum, perfect body of epic proportions |

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How about forget her body for a while and focus on her airport fashion! Hwang Jung Eum looks like she stepped out of a movie set or a magazine pictorial - her style is just flawless!

The focal point of this wardrobe ensemble is the cape. Capes are hot this winter season and here are some samples of stylish capes you can wear yourself.